Digital Photos stored on a hard drive.

It is interesting to hear this problem,whilst this is not an answer I had a problem not dissimilar to this. For over 55 years I have been an Amateur Photographer, and converted to taking colour film in 1960 began with Kodachrome 1. I amassed something like 3500 colur slides on KOdak, Agfacolour & Fuji films. When I bought a PC in 1999, I decide that when I had time I would save all my slides on disc. Some have been scanned and look nearly as good as they did when I first viewed them others have pixelated, and that I cannot understand. As to digital pictures I have stored all my pictures on disk, and these are fine even when the first digital camera that my wife bought was a Canon A40 with only 2 megapixels. It does have a good lens. Does the person that asked the question had other problems with his hard drive, and has he saved them on disk previously. Could it be a problem with the hard drive? Think this needs checking out, as it could be something quite simple. Sometimes it is. Sincerely, Roy Thorogood Essex UK.