Suggestions to check

I too have seen bars in my pictures w/ACDSee (latest) but not w/MS media player. I suggest you consider the viewer your using along w/the display drivers. I'm running Win7 Ulimate 64, updated NVidia drivers, and installed ACDSee and see same bars you're describing. However, other viewers seem to work. May also be not so well updated s/w or drivers for Win7. Too bad, I loved ACDSee for browsing/viweing my pics which go back to mid 80's. Don't think has anything to do w/external drive as I have used one along w/CDR's w/same experience. Another last thing is might wonder if some malware/virus has messed w/your pictures. Also recommend using ISOBuster for CD/DVD data recovery if needed. I've been s/w and h/w engineer for 40 yrs and ain't this "new technology" wonderfull?! Things used to be lot simpler and straight forward. Good luck, MarkETrue.

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