by make_or_break - 4/24/10 5:22 AM

In Reply to: playlist changes when tracks are edited by ted37

What do you mean by 'playlist changes when tracks are edited'? I thought you were only PLAYING the song/track, not editing them.

If I understood your original premise correctly: I'm not aware of any mass-market PMP/DAP portable that has the functionality to play only one song from a list of songs, then stop/pause, requiring the user to manually start the player again in order to play the next song. You might find that sort of functionality on professionally-oriented gear, or DJ-marketed equipment, but I tend to doubt that this sort of functionality exists on any broad-market, consumer device.

Now having said all that, I seem to recall that my Creative Zen X-Fi from a couple of years ago had the capability of allowing me to play one song from an album then stopping, without the need to toss the song into a one-song long playlist. However for the next song the user would have to go back and search through the onboard library of music to select and then play the next song; you could not prearrange a playlist and apply this 'one-and-done' function to work within that playlist. Please keep in mind that I'm operating from my sometimes faulty memory here...this is not a function that I would've used AT ALL when I was using my Zen X-Fi, and it's now hard for me to verify that it even exists on the player now that the battery on the thing is as dead as Michael Jackson and I can't seem to find a USB-to-miniUSB cable to get the stupid thing started.