USB HD and USB Car Decks

If you format a Western Digital passport USB hard drive to FAT32, a car stereo with a USB input will read it. I tested this on a Sony CDX-GT540UI at BestBuy yesterday. Out of the several decks I tested, the Sony did the best job. Sony had the fastest boot time, where the Alpines were slow (about 50 seconds) and even faster browsing and playback from reselect. The SONY's CDX-GT540UI Quick BrowZer feature with Jump Mode gets you to the song you want by category, selecting from Genre, Artist, Album, or Play-list. Control-wise, you simply push the scan button and turn the dial to select a folder. Then you push the dial to confirm the folder and turn the dial again to select the song and push to play the song. Worked so well I was sold on it and made the purchase. Even the BestBuy mobile electronics sales guy was impressed.