RE: Semi SLR or DSLR any suggestions???

by RockL - 4/17/10 10:00 PM

In Reply to: Semi SLR or DSLR entry level any suggestion ??? by amangrulkar

When I was at a similar point in my photographic endeavors, I had been using a 35mm Canon Rebel for my quality shots. I am a hobbyist or an enthusiast and seriously considered entering the digital world with a Canon Rebel; however after reading til I was crosseyed and talking to anybody that would listen, I opted to go with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30. I guess you'd call it a Semi DSLR. Besides the price I loved the Optical Zoom and the fact that it was fast enough for my use and it has a lot of manual controls that allows yo to go well beyond just a point and shoot..... AND the best point was the price. I don't remember exactly what I paid.... but it was well below the $300 mark and was well worth every cent. I compared it to the comparable Canon,Sony,etc manufacturers and felt I was getting the best bang for my dollar. I highly reccommend going to a local camera shop and talking to the guys that have been there for a while and getting their feedback. My case was to go to an outlet shop of a large national chain store and discussing it with a guy that I had done business with for several years and had grown to trust his opinions as he was an even more serious enthusiast than myself. I hope this helps you. Good luck and have FUN!