Not enought money

I saved for a camera and bought a Canon A640 point and shoot. I got some fantastic pictures. But I was hungry for more out of a camera. So I bought a Canon S5IS and I love it and got fantastic pictures. Still I wanted more out of a camera. So I bought a Canon EOS 40D and am very pleased. I also had to spend $1399 for a fantastic lens. If I hadn't bought all the other cameras, I could have more for this one. I checked all the reviews on any camera I was thinking of and eventually decided on the 40D. I started making money with it almost immediately. It is way heavier than a point and shoot. And I always am carrying a camera backpack, but I love my camera. I can't wait to get more lenses for it.
I use to work in a photo lab in Alaska, so I saw many pictures from many different kinds of cameras. A lot of professional photographer's pictures as well from different kinds of cameras. Most were run of the mill. But I saw some of the most fantastic pictures from every kind of camera. One of the most beautiful sunsets ever was from an Olympus point and shoot. The photographer gave me a copy of it and I photoshopped it and nothing I could do would improve it. So I let it be. The best thing about digital photography, is that you can take millions of pictures, but only have to print the good one.
Bottom line. If the camera is comfortable in your hand and the menu is easy for you to navigate and all the things you have found out from countless reviews you've looked at, is something you can live with, then that is the camera for you. I use a lot when evaluating a camera. If what ever camera you get, makes you excited about taking pictures, that is a wonderful day my friend. Enjoy.