Semi SLR or DSLR entry level any suggestion ???

With my personal experience in the DSLR world & it's fast-paced rate of technological evolution, buying a moderately priced kit system would suit your needs for an entry level system in the general price point you're targeting. Canon/Shmanon, Nikon/Shmikon... whatever system you use; they're all great. You may have to cough up a little more than $600 for a starter kit though. Figure around 800 quid + all the "LITTLE" stuff such as cards, a bag, tripod, yada-yada.

If you think about it, the camera body is basically a box that holds your sensor. I wouldn't fret too much about it, as if you're like most of us reading & responding to this post, you'll soon develop a gear fetish, meaning a camera body upgrade down the line. Eventually, spending your dinars on quality glass is your most important investment.

Buy a good starter kit system from any of the Big Boyz (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony,etc.) hunker down & use it & learn it well & if you're like most of the rest of us, you'll be upgrading within a year or so.