GeekSquad isnt ripping you off

by agent184 - 4/16/10 3:30 PM

In Reply to: No by jsmithlink

Well just to inform you, an anti-virus program doesn't remove viruses so you're out of luck there.. there's really not much you can do but to restore your OS on your own if you know how, otherwise you need someone like a Geek Squad technician to remove the viruses from your computer.. so when you pay that $199 for diagnostics and repair it covers all labor.. so when they told you your hard drive was broken and you needed a new one they were not lying because they make NO MONEY from you getting a new hard drive installed.. the hard drive installation is included in the $199.. they gain nothing but extra work.. you chose to back up your files so that's what cost you extra and if your hard drive fails and you don't have the know how you cant do it yourself so I'd say its well worth paying $150 to remove your personal info... Even if you knew how to do all this it is many hours of tedious work.. you're paying basically like $10/hr for em to fix your comp which is pretty cheap..