Macbook(Intel) OS X 10.5.8 sound stopped working

by Qsisto - 4/10/10 6:43 AM

In Reply to: Macbook loss of sound by dungerees

Macbook(Intel) OS X 10.5.8 sound stopped working, sound options lists only Built-in Output and under the settings portion for them it states that the selected device has no output controls. Tne volume bar is full but there is a circle with a line slashed through it. No red light in the headphone socket. I bot used headphones and updated before sound stopped working. Headphones still functional and I get startup chime.

I read through many similar threads and tried re-booting, command+control+P+R and updating. I tried plucking in and wiggling the headphone cord, it did not work (be carefull not to overdo this). Did this numerous times until I got the red light in the headphone socket(sound still not working). Tried then pressing the metal bars on the insides on both sides of the socket. The other one turned the red light of but no sound and light came back. Then pressed firmly both down until light did not return anymore and restarted computer. Sounds working perfectly now, there was obviously a glitch in the headphone socket that prevented the functioning of the output device.