Same here...

by georgep86 - 4/8/10 1:55 PM

In Reply to: 120 Hz, maybe by jsnyder82

I have UN46B7100 same thing its bugging me a lot now. I also have lcd and it is perfect compared to this. I don't know what to do i might take it back to the store.... I tried playing with setting but nothing some pictures are washed out, white too much lots of sharpness and saturation its huge...... Also went when i watch movies colours are way off red is not red its orange, or its too bright doesn't have natural look. I heard every led should have calibration done by ISF professional because out of the box, its not good. I stopped by best buy and looked at samsung new 6000 led series same problem colours are way off and the guy said it needs calibration done, lots of people would buy tv then in two three day they will come and complain... but calibration cost 299. Once calibration is done TV is fine, also they do it buy computer or something but lots of people do it and its very recommended for leds.... I might go spend it but its alot.... You buy tv for 2000 and now spend more money to get good picture????????