Major Health Hazard/Law Suit

by amerpersonal - 3/19/10 8:42 AM

In Reply to: Tv smell by sealover9267

GUYS, THIS IS THE HEALTH OF OUR FAMILY THAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. This is criminal! It does not seem to be a rare thing in only some TV sets or something that can be missed in testing. Sony should be sued for selling this product in the market. If any of you have had the same experience as I have and would like to pursue legal action, or have any attorneys in mind, please email me at

I bought my Sony Bravia 46" LCD from Best Buy last weekend. The smell in my little townhouse is so strong that you can feel it as you get on the living room floor from the stairs. It has been a week since I have had this TV, and the smell is still very strong. I can't believe I paid so much to put my family's health at risk from toxic fumes. In a world where cancer is on a rise among people of all ages, this is the last thing we need.

Please email me if you have any suggestions. I think just returning the TV and not doing anything about it is irresponsible. We need to make a case to prevent this from happening to others. We can't have Sony pull a Toyota on us.