Same Here......

by omatthew1 - 3/2/10 12:12 PM

In Reply to: Same TV, Same Problem! by AJ_Harnak

Sounds like Samsung should work on this issue. My wife was watching TV last night on this same model and this identical thing happened. She said she heard a crackle sound and then nothing. TV is DEAD.....will not turn on....not even the red power light. I have been reading today and it seems like some people have to switch out the entire power board, while others just had to replace a fuse. I am amazed that SO MANY people have had issues with their TVs just dying like this.

I also can't remember if we got the TV from Circuit City or Best Buy and whether or not we got a "performance plan." I guess we should just have a technician come out. The TV is no longer under the manufacturer's warranty....we have had the TV over 2 years.

Any suggestions?