PDA without wireless

by winstonlush - 2/28/10 1:05 AM

In Reply to: Yes... by John.Wilkinson Moderator

Thanks John, for your advice. I shall consider them.

I still want to argue in favour of PDAs without wireless or 3G, in the spirit of this thread.

The problem with smartphones is that they do not have a low power standby mode. They have to be constantly ready to pick up incoming calls. As a result, their battery life is usually a day or less. I have a phone from Nokia and a PDA from Palm. I could reasonably use them for several days without recharging. The Palm PDA has an on-off switch that allows you to instantaneously turn on the PDA to read or write. When in the off state, it retains it battery power for weeks.

Another benefit of PDAs without wireless is that you can give them to kids to encourage them to write their diary without exposing them to the dangers of the internet.

Also, I don't see the point of PIM software transferring all your personal information into the web and coming back into your PDA. Information gets messed up or lost along the way. Sophisticated hackers could also easily steal your personal information.