To Jeepkid1 and others experiencing the electrical problems

by MPRinOhio - 2/19/10 6:16 AM

In Reply to: Grand Cherokee Jeep Electrical Problems by jeepkid1

I've posted the issues that I've experienced with my 2000 JGC. Mine is in as good condition (inside and out) that you will find. No real issues with my vehicle until last October. Usually keep my vehicle in the garage; last October, left it outside for 15 days while on vacation. Upon my return, the gauges and dashboard lights go haywire.

Had my vehicle into a local mechanic (experienced with electrical and Jeeps) for 7 days; no resolution. The only thing that I've found that provides some temporary relief is disconnecting the battery for a few hours. Gauges/dashboard/overhead console/door locks work fine for 7 to 10 days before the problem returns.

The Jeep dealerships apparently have no clue. They will seem very interested in swapping out PCM's and BCM's for thousands in repair, on a vehicle that isn't worth much more than that.
Three suggestions:
(1) Stay away from the dealerships for assistance on fixing this problem.
(2) I intend on trading my vehicle in for a newer model, and will let someone else deal with it.
(3) After this, I'd never buy another Chrysler product. Easy to understand why Chrysler is in the financial mess that they are in, selling product like this.