More Backlight/Inverter Issues

by mattexas - 2/17/10 1:29 PM

In Reply to: Backlight / Inverter Issues by Kastytis1

I also have a LN-T4065F, purchased Sep 2007. When I turned it on yesterday morning, I had several sets of dark bands on the screen - not single lines and not just a single band but 2 to 4 sets of overlapping bands from top to bottom and all the way across the screen. After 2-4 minutes, I heard a "pop" (like when one gets a static shock) and the bands were gone - picture back to its greatlooking self. I tested my analog set, to see if this was a comcast cable problem or something else. Did not see this on the other set. When I got home from work, I turned on samsung to see if the morning was just a glitch or something else. Bands were back - same thing, after a few minutes bands disappear and picture is normal. Picture is visible even when bands are present. Set is out of manufacturer's warranty but I have extended thru retailer. Called and set appointment for mid next week. Then started to poke around trying to find out something about what could be wrong. I do not have buzz or hum sounds, or cases of the set turning itself on or off or having audio and no video. I only suspect it to be a backlight issue because I found an example of what Samsung says the screen looks like if you have a backlight failure - and the picture is still there but the bands run across some portion of the screen. One thing I have noticed the last few days - is resolution does not seem to hold smooth when viewing very fast action events (Olympic downhill). Did not notice this for SuperBowl action shots.

Does anyone think me on the right track or is my problem something else? Thanks for any input.