Slim pickings...

by John.Wilkinson Moderator - 2/16/10 11:16 AM

In Reply to: There's something by AM709

Older PDAs didn't support 802.11g, only 802.11b, and used mobile browsers that are a far cry from those on modern devices, such as the iPod Touch, which simulate a desktop browser quite nicely. Thus, you'll find that many sites simply will not work, will freeze the mobile OS, etc. In addition, battery life topped out around 4 hours back then, and dropped to ~1 hour after several years of use; WiFi and Bluetooth use only shorten that timeframe. Ebay and similar 'auction - used' sites are the only route given the pricing point, but keep in mind you'll likely get what you pay for. Nevertheless, feel free to ask about models you're interested in; Bob and I have a rather extensive usage history to comment from.