Same TV, Same Problem!

by AJ_Harnak - 2/15/10 3:02 PM

In Reply to: Re: Power Supply? by wild4trout

Hey there - wild4trout -

I'm wondering if you had a similar problem to me - it seems like this thread was hijacked and everyone's talking about a clicking noise and the power light blinking, but I noticed that you didn't mention either of these. I'm having a similar problem to you, I have the Samsung 50" FP-T5084, and it just stopped turning on. A few days ago we noticed that the shut-down noise had stopped, but we ignored it. Last night, the TV just shut off and would not turn back on. I don't have a clicking noise, I don't have the red light, etc. Are these the symptoms you experienced? I'm noticing two parallel issues with Samsung HDTV's not turning on, and since my TV doesn't even have enough juice to make the light blink, I'm assuming its power supply is shot.

You said you did replace your power supply; do you mind me asking where you ordered it from? I'm anxious to get the nicest TV in the house back in working order...