Plasma makes movies look like "movies" - I hope

by melboogiedown - 2/6/10 4:08 PM

In Reply to: Scenes look fake by soundgardner

Soundgardner - yes exactly! I actually just got back from BestBuy and spoke to a salesman there that I liked and he said the same thing. He said if I really care about movies looking like "movies" and not actors on a film set, then I need to go with a plasma. I mostly only watch movies on cable and some boxing and MMA. I don't really watch DVDs, I don't game, and maybe I'll connect my PC but not sure yet. So for that I think a plasma might be the way to go. I also still see a lot of motion blur even when I have my 120 Auto Motion Plus turned to "Smooth" and the Judder and Blur Reduction turned up to 10. I hope a plasma will be better so now I have to start researching which one to get. I really can't go over 1,000 and would love to stay around 800 so we'll see.