Grand Cherokee, 2000 4.0 runs rough but not all the time

by txdri - 2/2/10 10:17 AM

In Reply to: Electronics by Willy

I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee 4.0 that runs fine until you try to Accelerate and it feels like it's running on 4or 5 cylinders. Somtimes just just driving normal at a steady speed it will start shaking . Now here is the weird stuff, if you shut off the ignition and turn it back on if will run fine. Haved change the pcm/ecu by the Brains at the Jeep dealership A mistake !!! Also the head lights will come, blink the go off with nobody in the jeep.
The car will go on the highway for hours and be fine. Also on more weird thing, sometime if your parked and put it in drive and hold the brake it will shake,IF YOU PUT IT IN REVERSE IT WILL BE FINE. HELP