two easy steps

by 12buttmuncher - 1/28/10 10:34 PM

In Reply to: cant install windows 7 .themepack by blackshell


A theme pack contains following things:

1. Desktop Wallpaper

2. Desktop icons

3. Screensaver

4. Slideshows

5. Sounds

6. Mouse Pointers

7. Color of the theme


1. Change the Desktop Background picture and settings.

2. Change the Window Color and Appearance settings.

3. Change the Sounds for the Windows 7 sound events to any sound file that you would like instead.

4. Change the Screen Saver and settings to be used for this theme pack.

5. Change, add, or remove any Desktop Icons that you want to with.

6. Change the Mouse Pointers to use pointers of your choice.

7. Proceed to OPTION TWO below to save your customized theme as a theme pack.