Not as cheap but best bet is a DVD Recorder w/ hard disk.

Not a DVD - VCR combo! Similar to DVRs, rhere DVD player-recorders wtih built in hard disks 80Gb, 160GB, and some with more. You can let a tape run to dub even while you sleep if you set timer to record in 1/2 hour increments up to 6 hours. Loads hundred of hours of video depending on mode. Divide into seperate programs, edit out commercials, choose which you want to put on a disk and title it all on the hard disk before you burn to DVD and finalize. The better units do high speed dubs under 10 min. You can get used to easily producing a lot of DVDs programmed just as you wish with a little time needed [a lot, if you taped sitcoms and want to edit out commericals and promos!]. Just have a VCR, too.