Converting VHS to DVD

Simply put, this is my experience. I bought Honestech VHS to DVD latest version and have been converting my old tapes to digital for over a year now. I'v converted 8mm, super 8 and other VHS movies and my own home movies to DVD.
Now you say how does the origional compair to the finished product?
Well, I'm not too fusy. But I did buy a new DVD for my computer that records multilpe formats and DVD-DL. I convert all movies to the DL.(7.5) With experience and seeing the prices of dvd recorders go down, I purchased a Blue Ray player. They play back great. But if you have an old DVD player with an output HDMI, use it. They play back upconverted. Not too shabby either.
The real problem comes from the VHS player. If the heads are dirty or the tapes is really old, they somtimes skip or bend during recording and the finished dvd shows up with the same problems. But if you are not too fusy about the outcome, just enjoy the movie.