Willy's discovery of HP Printer solution

by danderson029 - 1/17/10 5:26 PM

In Reply to: NEW, HP Print Diagnostic Utility by Willy

Thanks for the link, Willy.
I'm a newbie tech (spelled, there's nobody else here to do it, so I'm stumbling along), and working on/with 2 laptops and a cheap netbook. I do have an OfficeJetJ6480, and your link helped with the Acer Netbook.
HP and Compaq laptops, however, print any document endlessly. All settings say 1 page, and so does the print queue - until I click - then the Page column in print queue jumps to 3x/pages, but actually prints forever and ever. I've uninstalled/re-installed, from disc and from online. Same result on both machines.
I've not seen this reported anywhere.
At least I can print from the Netbook, so that's its function right now. Suggestions welcome.
01.17.2010 5:25 PM PST