So instead of attacking a profession

by TaftPCServices - 1/14/10 11:56 PM

In Reply to: cat5 by nvltgo

Yeah, OK, right. That's typical of the profession to make you look the other way while they tell you something they think you wouldn't know anything about. That $50K must have been worth every one of our pennies.

You said,

"After all if we were as bad as you would like to make us seem then the streets would be filled with vehicles that don't start since only ten percent of them would ever get fixed."

I do fis it myself and sometimes i find it worth the savings to go to Pick Your Part and pull the used parts myself. Do you know what I see at pick your part all the time? Perfectly good looking and good running cars with just single problems that didn't get fixed that would have piled up in the streets if they weren't towed away or sold at auction by frustrated owners because their mechanics kept nickle and diming them to death! You're not talking to peole in your dealership. We do fix our own cars, and yes, some of us in our back yards. And we can troubleshoot our own problems. And if we make mistakes on the job, we pay with our jobs. When mechanical shops make mistakes we pay with our money and we have no recourse because even when it didn't fix the problem, the part is non returnable and the labor has already been done. Your "industry" is so littered with bad guys there are watchdog governmental orginizations to help protect us from you. Do the letters B.A.R. ring a bell???