re: MPRinOhio and Frabuk

by kpodski - 1/13/10 8:41 PM

In Reply to: Frabuk...more info by MPRinOhio

My 99 GC Laredo has the same identical issues. IE; clicking/ blinking window switches, haywire gauge cluster and compass (above the rear view mirror), and while all of this is going on I have no windows or door locks. Once in a great while it doesn't want to start and I have to keep the RPMs up for a bit before it will stay running.
My husband works at a JEEP/ Foreign car dealership, and always figures out the origin of the issue.. Not this time. His boss drives a 2001 GC, had the same issues as mine, and had completely gone through the thing to no avail. Each time it would eventually act up again. He got two used window switches from the junk yard, and his problem is solved. Not so much for us. We have replaced fuses, door switches, swapped the gauge cluster, and the PCM. One way I have dealt with the issue- When I get home for the night- I take off the battery terminal. When I put it back on in the morning it its fine for 12 hours or so. The trick being it has to be off for more than 6 hours or everything goes haywire shortly there after.
Tonight my husband unplugged the passenger side door switch to see what happens, thinking maybe we got another set of switches that have the same issue as mine?? We'll try it I guess.
A question for you guys too.. My Sentry Key Light in my gauge cluster is ALWAYS on. It was in the boss's rig too. Even if the Jeep is running properly it stays on, it did on the old gauge cluster too. My Jeep does not have the Sntry key system set up.. Anyone else's stay on? Best of luck to everyone, I'll keep checking in on here, I am so over this issue, I will try just about anything to fix it.