2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Issues

I have the same exact problems as MPRinOhio. It seems like the only time I have these issues is when it is cold outside. It started with my key fob not working to unlock or lock the car back in July. I would have to use the key to get into the car and all of a sudden the key would not disable the alarm so now I have to lock the door with the lever instead of the electrical switch so the alarm doesn't activate. I then noticed a clicking sound coming from my passenger side window control and the lights would blink on and off. I would be driving and all of a sudden all of the gauges would stop working and all of the idiot lights would come on. My electric windows and door locks would not work or the console that has the temperature and mileage stats. I also have radio controls on my steering wheel that are located in the back of the steering wheel. They will stop working but my cruise control located on the front of the steering wheel does work (strange). Sometimes while driving everything would go back to normal except the light that has the key with the slash through it, it would stay lit on the dashboard. If this happened, all of a sudden my rear CD player would start working. This happened to me again this morning and when I turned off the car, my power outside mirror motor started running causing the mirror to go up and would not stop, even with the car off. I had to go under the hood and unplug the fuse so I would not wear my battery down. It seems like more things keep adding to the list of electrical problems. Luckily I have not had my car stall out as I have read in other posts, I would like to fix the problem before that starts. Any suggestions?