2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with dash gauges dying

by MPRinOhio - 1/6/10 2:23 PM

In Reply to: 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Issues by MileHighMatt

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that looks and runs like a new vehicle; 111K miles. 2 months ago, after leaving the vehicle outside for two weeks (while out of town), upon my return, I discovered that the gauges weren't working (or working intermittently), with all the dashboard lights lit up. Other symptoms: the overhead console and windows not working.

Finally got sick of dealing with the issue, and dropped off with a mechanic. He's had it for FIVE DAYS and hasn't had any success in solving the problem. Both he and I traced the problem (via diagnostics) to the instrument cluster bus (within the dash). However, he hasn't resolved the problem to the gauges not working (whether it's a short, or another problem causing the malfunction).

Has anyone had any success in solving the problem of the gauges not working? How about any suggestions?