99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Issues

by MileHighMatt - 1/4/10 9:41 AM

In Reply to: Jeep by Matisse52

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for all of your posts!

This forum has been a helpful resource for me so I thought I would share my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited experience. A check lift gate warning, interior lights and door locking ghost would appear intermittently when driving and when parked the alarm would go haywire. I disconnected the fuse for the alarm and put up with the interior malfunction for a couple years until my jeep started having trouble starting. I took it in to the dealer and after $1,000 worth of trouble shooting they solved the electrical issues by replacing the BCM (Body Control Module).

Now the vehicle is left with issues when starting that are worse than they were before I took it in (will often stall when starting up an needs constant gas before staying idle). The mechanic at the dealer says the issues are not linked, and so rather than take this back to the dealer I will trouble the idle issue myself, again thanks to this post. I'm hoping that cleaning the Idle Air Control Motor (IAC) will do the trick, but with my luck I will have to replace the PCU/ECU. I'm at the point where repair is almost too close to value of the vehicle to justify.

I understand the difficulty of a mechanic in trouble shooting these issues, and their time is money. Ultimately the fault lies with Jeep, which is a shame because these things run like a beast. I will not purchase one again after this unless it's just a third offroading vechicle.

Thank you,