Calibration Settings for Sony KDL-46Z5100

These are the settings for my Sony. The TV was calibrated professionally (not by those "Geeks") with the TV hooked-up via HDMI. Here are the settings:

Wide Mode: Full
Auto Wide: On
4:3 Default: Normal
Display Area: Full Pixel

Backlight: 5
Picture: 88
Brightness: 59
Color: 50
Hue: 0
Color Temp: Neutral
Sharpness: 8
Noise Reduction: Off
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
Black Corrector: Low
Advanced C.E.: Off
Gamma: Medium
Clear White: Off
Color Space: Wide
Live Color: Low
R-Gain: 0
G-Gain: -7
B-Gain: -5
R-Bias: -1
G-Bias: -2
B-Bias: 1

BTW, my TV is in a room with good light control and the TV is hooked up to my AV receiver (a Marantz SR-5004). My cable box and PS3 are all routed through the AVR via HDMI. The picture is absolutely perfect! Some other info, I bought my TV around August 2008 from Dell. According to the technician who calibrated the TV, settings can vary within the same model based on the "batch" it was made.
Hope this all helps!