SVP toy camera

I also fell for the false advertizing of this apple green 12 megapixal camcorder/camera/mp3/mp4 player. Instead of this high quality peice of equipment purchased for $95, I received a cheap and defective camera worth $10 if even that. I immediatly contacted
paypalclippercuttie, maildirect,svp (these are all of the names that that used in responding to my emails) to demand a refund. I told them it was not only defective, but a peice of junk and will not be wanting another. I sent it back and sent tracking number to them. Week later I had heard nothing and when I emailed they wanted the tracking number again. I couldnt find it so they claimed they never recieved it. I opened up a ebay dispute against them and went through hell the last four weeks trying to get them to admit that they did recieve the camera. Everyday I threatend them and when I finally threatend a class action lawsuit they " found my package" and reversed the charges except for $10. I am not going to stop until I get every penny back from these crook. That $10 probably covered the camera and provided profit on it. Feel free to contact me if any one has any problems with a refund and I will tell how I got mine. I definitly will take part in a suit. They owe my for 4 weeks of making my life hell and causing unnessesary stress. My fibromalgia has really been acting up because of the stress making an negative impact on my body. My email is