SVP - toy cameras

I too fell for the beautiful apple green camera off of ebay. It was late at night, my kodak had broke the day before and there it was this 12 mp camera with mp3 player and several other functions. "WOW this is a great deal I am getting for $95 and it is so pretty." I should of done my homework! Three days later I rushed home to find this peice of crap in the mail!! Right away I just felt something was wrong. It was just so light like made out of plastic. To make a long story short, only half of the features even worked. I contacted paypalclippercutie, maildirect,svp ( this are all differnent email addresses that they used when they responded.) When I bought it I was suppose to be able to return within 7 days for a refund. I contacted them and they said they would refund my money but I would be charged a $35 restocking fee!! The camera itself is not even worth $35. $10 at the most is what it is worth. I sent the camera back and they gave me a huge runaround, claiming that they never recieved it. I opened up a case in the resolution center with ebay. Four weeks later and 100s of treating emails from me, threats of classaction lawsuits against SVP , all resellers and ebay I was finally given my money back all except for $10. I will not stop until my $10 is back and until ebay has stopped allowing these people to sell this product. This camera is NOT what they say it is!!!!!! It takes the worst pics ever. DO NOT BUY THIS!!! I am very lucky I got my money back!! I cannot find anybody else that has recieved a refund!!!!!You must be very persistant and threaten them with a lawsuit. They are very much falsly advertizing. They are liers and thieves!! They must be stopped!!! They owe me for the stress and frustration that they put me through for 4 weeks!! I feel so bad for all the people that bought this for a gift for someone!!!!This Christmas there will be a lot of dissapointed and angry people.