Using Samsung for Audio Only

by mgbinetti - 12/19/09 4:13 PM

In Reply to: iPod to TV by Dan Filice

Ok, here's my update. And let's simplify my earlier scenario a bit. Here's what we're looking at:

-- 1 mini male to two RCA-end audio male cable (audio 1/8 inch to RCA converter cable)

-- 1 ipod touch with mini audio jack output

-- Samsung flat panel with audio inputs associated with each of the following:

1 Component input; 2nd Component input; 1 composite input

I got the iPod going and proceeded to try each inputs without video cables attached in each case -- just the audio cable from my iPod. No go in each case. TV says "no signal." I had headphones to check the iPod -- there was an audio signal.

Conclusion -- $1,300, 46" Samsung TV cannot just play audio without a video feed accompaniment. Big Bummer there Sammy my boy! Come on guys, what gives? : \

Work around if you have a universal iPod dock with component video / RCA audio cable:

1. Connect Universal dock to component A/V cable.
2. Connect A/V cable to component in on the Sammy Tube.
3. Mount iPod in the dock.
4. While mounted, start the iPod app and play an mp3. (TV should still say "no signal")
5. While ipod continues to play in the background --> close out of the iPod app and .open the camera app.
6. Navigate to one of the camera's galleries (you'll need some photos on there) and start the slide show feature playing.

The slide show starts and successfully sends a video signal up the video portion of your cable and the TV recognizes this just fine. Now here the key part:

8. Press pause on the slide show once it's starts or else it will cycle through your photos and stop --> thus terminating the video signal --> thus audio goes away.

Better load some art photos on the pod because you'll be staring at pretty big photo while your music plays.

Not perfect, but not a train wreck. In the meantime, Samsung, great TV, but add some auxiliary audio inputs on this thing. Thanks.