Yeah, right

by vandrook - 12/18/09 7:35 PM

In Reply to: Sorry but no by rimmyron

So I bought a Rolex on eBay for $5 and im sure its a great watch because the jerk that sold it to me said it was. I'm sure all the guts are up to standard (eg - 1.3 HDMI standard)because all online purchases are legit.

Seriously, a $5 HDMI cable? you get what you pay for - to a point. $150 cable seems insane but you have to look for a reputable brand or site that has a good track record. I bout a 3 pack of HDMI for $20 and I had drop outs all the time. I learned my lesson. Stay in the $25 area at least if you want a decent cable that meets standards.