by Cat5 Cane - 12/14/09 9:36 AM

In Reply to: Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems. by elhamantiques

I'm no pro, but sounds like everything that you described keeps coming back to Security system issues. If the car thinks that the security system is breeched... it will shut down

Rubbed wires in steering column... Why? Was the car broken into?
1) Faulty sensor key? or faulty key switch in column?
2) Key less remote maybe faulty?
3) Door (security) actuator switches in door jamb, maybe faulty? ... My top door hinge came loose and door was not making good contact with door jamb switch, causing security system to open and close... shutting off car.
4) Check/test/replace Security fuses in Body and Engine control boxes for voltage and proper ground, using jeep manual.

Report back, when you find the answer...