Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems.

by elhamantiques - 12/13/09 10:20 AM

In Reply to: stalling by a-stedman

I am a Jeep owner in England my car is a 2000 G.C. 4.7 v8 I bought this car 5 years ago [one owner full history 18000 miles fro new].
It was fine until 2 years ago when it suddenly cut out while my wife was driving.She called the AA who could not fix it so towed it to the nearest Chrysler/Jeep dealer, they had the car for 2 weeks trying to fix it.They eventually said that a wire had rubbed through on the steering column which caused a short which blew the Body Contol Module.They replaced the module put the car back together and gave me a bill for 1250!The car was fine for a year then the Sentry Key Light started coming on while driving but would go off if you stopped and restarted.Then the light started flashing when you start the car and the engine dies after a few seconds.After trying to start the car 5 or 6 times the light stays on permanently and the engine cranks over but wont fire at all.If you leave the car for 20 minutes it resets itself and every thing is fine until the next time.This went on for a while then I was driving home from London in rush hour traffic in the outside lane of the motorway when everything shut down,no power steering or brakes very scary! Back to the dealer it went, they worked on it for 28 hours and replaced the Ecu the crank sensor SKIM module, key,key fob batteries and again it was fine until four weeks ago now the sentry key light is coming on again and last night in the pouring rain at 10pm it refused to start.I left it half an hour and bingo away it went again.
This problem is driving me nuts and spoiling what is otherwise a very good car.The people at the Jeep garage seem to have run out of ideas and I,m running out of money!
Does anyone have any ideas? if so please help!!!