your TechTracker updates

by CNET_TechTracker CNET staff - 12/10/09 5:26 PM

In Reply to: Teck Tracker updates by Ray_moe

Hi Ray,

We just released a new version of the CNET TechTracker application, and also noticed the problem you describe here. We were able to fix it this afternoon. Please run another TechTracker scan, you should no longer see CNET TechTracker reported as out of date.

We have also reproduced the problem with Object Dock, and are working on it. In the meanwhile, the best thing you can do is visit your custom TechTracker page ( and click on the "Feedback" link next to each of these three applications. File a "wrong version displayed" report for each of them and submit them to to our catalog team. We will work with that team to see what is happening here.

I do not have an immediate answer about the TechTracker 'listings' you mention, but someone from our technical support team will contact you tomorrow through our ticketing system. Just as a reminder, the way to request technical assistance with CNET TechTracker (especially now that this Windows version is out of Beta) is to file a support ticket.

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Click the "E-mail Support" tab and select the "CNET TechTracker" category.