jeep stalling or stalling or quitting while driving

by leake_t - 12/3/09 6:57 PM

In Reply to: Jeep stalls by Cat5 Cane

My jeep just started doing the same thing so i figured i would check here first. and it looks like everyone has has the same issues and checked the same things. not sure if it will help but i had 2 dodge chrystler minivans and both did the same thing that my jeep is doing and im going to check it this weekend. it was the fuel pump. well not actually the pump the the plug wire into the pump; it started shorting out. it didnt give a error code becase there wasnt anything wrong with the pump. i had a local friend of mine who was a mechanic at a goodyear repair shop the told me to replace the plug on both vans so im going to try that this weekend with the jeep and will let everyone here know what the outcome was.