Sony Bravia 40" KDL-40V5100

by cpu22girl - 12/3/09 1:37 PM

In Reply to: Retuned Sony 46" TV by sealover9267

I bought this television on Saturday, November 28, 2009. I opened the box Sunday, November 29, 2009 just before midnight and placed the set in my bedroom. I did not sleep in there that night because I was still organizing things in the room. By Monday evening (less than 24 hours later) and after being around the set on and off throughout the day I started to feel very nauseous. I noticed something smelled weird, but I thought I was getting sick or something - I mean it is "flu season" and even though I have never had the flu before, I had what I thought were similar symptoms (vomiting, major nausea, etc.) I have been resting in the room where the TV is and not feeling any better. Yesterday (Wed., 12-2-09) I decided to sit in the living room for a few hours. Around 1:30 am this morning I got up to go to bed and as soon as I walked into my room the smell was overwhelming! I thought to myself this is crazy and unplugged everything from the TV and moved it into our office. Within a few minutes the horrible smell was gone! Today, I am still feeling nauseous and when I pass by our office where I placed the TV (on the floor unplugged), I can smell a very strong plastic like smell. Kind of smells like burning plastic or paint. I have since shut the door. As soon as I feel well enough, my plan is to return the TV to Best Buy and purchase a non-Sony television. I have always purchased Sony products before, but never this type of TV. After reading the posts in this forum, I doubt I will be buying SONY again.

Riverside, CA