crankshaft position sensor repeating issue

by julio.arriaga - 11/25/09 3:42 PM

In Reply to: crank sensor by sugar6839

Hi all.

I know this is an old post, I hope I'm able to get some help.
I had the same problem that my 96 GCL stopped while running. When it did, I heard a load cranking noise. It turned out that somehow the flywheel destroyed the sensor (it had the flywheel marks all over the sensor). Changed the sensor, and got it working again.
The ugly thing is that it has happend again. Altough this time it did not stopped while running, but instead I started having trouble starting up the jeep on the morning (while it was cold). After the jeep heated no issues were observed but the check engine light was lit all the time.
When I took it to the repair shop, they tell me the sensor is damaged again, but don't have a clue at the moment of what the fault could be.

Any ideas?