Progress...of sorts

by amsuco - 11/12/09 8:02 AM

In Reply to: Try Control F11 by R. Proffitt Moderator

Thanks for the postings! They got me to thinking. I found a User Guide and a Hardware Reference backed up on the "D" Recovery drive. They told me that I needed to be looking for the Emachines Recovery Console. That program wasn't in the start menu anymore, but a search did find it on my hard drive. I'm SUPPOSED to be able to reach the system recovery option either through tapping "F8" on startup, or by selecting the full system recovery option through the Recovery Console.

I had problems with both methods. The Recovery Console just reboots my machine to Vista every time. It never takes me to the full system recovery option. Tapping F8 takes me to the Advanced Boot Options screen. But the "repair computer" option that should be showing up there isn't listed.

Again, I'm using Vista Home Basic. Is that an issue with this version of Windows? Or am I dealing with a hardware and/or software issue? If there is a workaround to get my Recovery partition fired up, that would be fine too. I hope somebody has some thoughts that they're willing to share. I'm scratching my head. (I can't pull my hair out...I'm already bald.) Thanks!