where is Flash Player stored

by orionsirius - 11/6/09 4:08 AM

In Reply to: It's an add-on to your browser. by Kees Bakker Moderator

I know what Flash Player is. What I want to know is where is it stored on my computer. (XP)

Let me give you a couple examples to help you understand what Flash Player is.

If I send a friend a swiff file and they do not have Flash Player installed, then they cannot open the file.
This can be easily remedied by going to Adobe and downloading Flash Player (my question is where this will be stored; when downloading Adobe does not give the location for the file as normal downloads do).

At one time, in order to open swiff files one could download saflashplayer.exe but some of my friends are not computer literate enough to do this because if I recall this requires changing the listing in "File Types". (it's been quite a while since I did this on a friend's computer)