Let Samsung Hear US!

by iduate - 11/4/09 6:58 AM

In Reply to: Browser and keyboard - Yes, please by I_am_Maria

Thanks I_AM_MARIA for your commentary.

Hooking up the Samsung LED to the Laptop is always a possibility but as a second monitor very cumbersome and not wireless. The wireless connectivity via Media Server is also very limited.

I'm just talking about simple Web Surfing which is something that even a WII with the Opera Browser permits without a huge baggage of overhead given it operates over a small linux OS.

You need just the same to run Widgets, so I see Samsung's limitation to only Widgets as being outright restrictive and collusionary with Yahoo.

Please open up the internet for web surfing over the LED otherwise you're taking a beautiful piece of equipment and making us use other inputs as our basis for navigation.