seagate freagent

by nofret - 11/1/09 2:18 PM

In Reply to: Seagate Freeagent by JoJo_cat

Hi. Just got home from surgery so I couldn`t respond until today. Anyways; Fortunately, My freeagent showed none of the problems yours had. My other unit has yet to fail. The light strip is just a low powered led. Cant do no harm. But I`m not taking any chances. The freagent electronics suck, so I went and got a Nexstar hd case. I can slide off the cover and put in any hd. I want. The circuits look well built. It has an on-off switch and Esata as well for fast data transfer. The kit even comes with wiring if you want to tap into an Esata port on your mobo. I use it for all my extra hds. Including the seagate hd.