Seagate Freeagent

by JoJo_cat - 10/30/09 9:21 PM

In Reply to: seagate freeagent hd rescue by nofret

I've had nothing but difficulties with my 500GB Freeagent back up drive.
I'm currntly on my third. The first one crapped out simultaneously to the hard drive on my computer about August of 2008. So I was forced to use Seagate's data recovery services for $1,200 bucks.
Since the drive was still under warranty and had failed they sent me a replacement. This second one only lasted a couple months before it would begin shutting down. By this I mean that the main computer would no longer recognize its presence even though it seemed to be running.
I've read posts online where people feel that it's the fault of the light along the front edge that causes these units to overheat. It is true that if you totally unplug them for about half an hour, and then plug them back in they will remount to the system. However this is a bad situation if you've got your computer making automatic back-ups. You never know when the drive won't be available.
Anyway I contacted Seagate and they sent me a third unit.
This one seemed to be operating well for about the first eight months I had it, but now it too has developed the symptoms I described above. I'm currently looking to purchase a different brand of back-up drive.
I'd be curious to know if your drive exhibited any of the symptoms I described prior to its crapping out. But based on my experience I'll never purchase another Seagate drive.