Same issue

by silverjeep - 10/29/09 7:02 PM

In Reply to: same problems with mine by jclose502

I am no mechanic so I will give as much info as I can. I have stall problem, seems worse in wet weather, but at first this did not seem to be so... It was intermittent or I didn't notice the weather. Stalls when transfering from Reverse to Drive. Also stalls or studders after driving for a few miles. Can often smell sulfer when this happens... I'm beside myself. It's a 1998 grand cherokee, have had it for 1 year 3 months only 79,000 on it that is why I bought it. So far I have spent roughly 3000 changed the pcm, have had tune up and super clean changed a fuel pump that is inside tank (I think) have had it at dealer and a mechanic that I have trusted for many years. Also tried the tye wrap thing, this also did not work. I'm thinking something to do with the transmission now. I am most anxious for another that works! Mechanic is puzzled. Dealer is more puzzled and more expensive!!!!help