2000 gcl

by lnorrell - 10/28/09 3:30 PM

In Reply to: Electronics by Willy

couldn't beleive it worked ! after checking all possible problems and suggestions from friends , I got lucky. windows not working, gauges not working, ac not working ,intreior lights not working on door opening on entry, flasher lights not working from wireless remote, overhead console not working, getting a code auto zone reading from his handheld remote dig checker,(1686) and not knowing what it was refering to. he said i would have to call a dealer and get an answer. They didn't know either ! I was giving up ! until I ran across you site and remember a response about his 1997 jeep cherokee stating he diconnected his battery for 10 minutes and it fixed his problem. well I disconnected my negitive for 20 minutes, then reconnected and started up. EVERYTHING WAS WORKING AGAIN!!!!!! Thanks whomever you are for that answer. Simple and sweet and my headache is gone now and i still have a little money in the bank !