my headache resolution

by Erica Cris - 10/28/09 9:16 AM

In Reply to: exact problem!!! by dlw101686

Hey there! Well I got a temporary fix--my original mechanic replaced the fuel filter and the fuel pump. 2 days after I got the Jeep back it did it to me again, so this time I took it to the dealership. The guys there were so nice (unlike most dealers I've been to). They kept the Jeep for 5 days and could not find a single thing wrong and couldn't get it to act up at all! The service manager even drove it home and back one night with the computer on it to see if in the morning ir would stall--nothing. So I got the Jeep back and it's running fine. It idles harder then it did before all these issues, but it also has 91K miles on it.

I'm expecting something else to go wrong with it sooner or later--so it's just a waiting game now. I never replaced anything with the crank or cam shaft sensors or parts because nothng was reading wrong with them. It's been about a month now and no stalling or sputtering so hopefully the fuel filter/pump fixed the current issue.

I'll keep the forum updated if I encounter more issues down the road.