Class Acrion Law Suit

by waldwolf - 10/18/09 5:29 PM

In Reply to: Class action lawsuit? by henballs

First, a law suit has to be filed by one or more parties. The definition of a class action law suit is basically:

" A class action suit may occur when many different people combine their similar complaints. This saves court time and allows a single judge to hear all the concerns at the same time, and come to one settlement for all parties. If the court agrees to certify the complaints as a class action, all class members should have equal say and rights to any monies or remedies ordered by the court."


If you (and or other product owners) can prove that a component of a product (ie: a power supply) is defective, and the manufacturer has been made aware of said defect, but the manufacturer has made little or no attempt to correct the design of the offending component(s), then there is a very good liklehood the court would find in favor of the plaintiff(s).

(Courts in general look very poorly upon companies who DO NOT make any reasionable attenpt to fix a problem or hazard that will harm or adversely effects their customer(s).)

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