Retuned Sony 46" TV

by sealover9267 - 10/11/09 3:44 PM

In Reply to: Sony Bravia KDS-46V5100 by sealover9267

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update all of you on my situation with my Sony Bravia 46" TV. This acidy/sulfuric smell would not go away after appr. 15 days. On the 16th day I closed the window to the room the TV was in, because the winter is coming soon and I'm not ging to watch TV with open windows in middle of winter. I turned the TV on and I left the room, and after appr. 45 minuts I went back into the room the TV was in. As soon as I stepped inside the room the smell was still very strong. I picked up the remote, turned off the Tv, and went straight to the phone. I called Best Buy, and told them what the problem was, and told them to come and take this smelly HEALTH HAZZARD out of my house. Best buy agreed, they sheduled a pick up date, 2 1/2 weeks later and the smelly Sony was gone. I waited till my Credit Card was credited the money for the Sony TV, then I went back to Best Buy and got a new 46" Samsung B640 TV. This Tv had absolutly no smell comming out of it, I could sit and watch it for hours and there is absolutly NO SMELL coming out of it. This is why I buy my electronics from Best Buy, because you have 30 days (14 days for some items) to take back what you bought no matter what the problem is. "Imshaken", I dont know if you still have you smelly Sony or not, but I just think that, what ever that smell is it never goes away, and you breathing those fumes is definetly not good for you. I might say that I always had good luck with Sony TVs in the past, no toxic fumes. In fact my main TV right now is a Sony KDS-60A3000 Lcos 60" 1080P rear projection TV, with great picture, and no toxic smell,located in my living room, and I realy like this TV it has an unbelivable good picture, especially in HD. Well this is my story, just wanted to update everybody....