I see what you mean

by MarkFlax Moderator - 10/8/09 2:58 AM

In Reply to: Here is the link and further explanation by JAB19

I have to say I am not convinced.

I had a quick look at the Realtek.com web site, and I couldn't find any reference to Driver Robot, but I must admit I didn't do a comprehensive search of the site.

That link you gave, ( http://driver-pro.com/related/english/hardware-drivers/?a=12055&gclid=CKL27vjfq50CFSANDQodRBlXig&hit=1 ), seems strange to me. There's no mention of realtek in the url web address, and I couldn't find any mention on the driver robot site (apart from headers) of commendations by Realtek. If I had a web site and/or software recommended by some large company, I would make sure I had their commendation displayed on my site.

The header is odd as well, "We highly recommend this download". Who does? The only mention of Realtek is in the sub-header, but since this software apparently can be used for all types of software and hardware drivers, why is Realtek alone singled out?

My WOT, (Web of Trust), Firefox plugin suggests that the Driver Robot web site is not entirely trustworthy, ( http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/driverrobot.com ). Admittedly, WOT only relies on user comments and no discernible and independent testing, but what has been said there is slightly disturbing.

All in all I personally would be cautious.

Can you tell more about this sound problem you have, and also details of your system. Do you know which Realtek sound card you have?